Thursday, 30 January 2014

Hovercraft Demonstration

Hovercraft are very different from boats and other vehicles, so we have prepared this short presentation to explain why the Hov Pod Hovercraft is designed and manufactured the way it is. Please take 5 minutes to save making costly mistakes, do not assume hovercraft are much the same, they are not!

Hov Pods are unique for the following reasons

Unique HDPE and carbon Fibre hulls, for added strength, durability, and buoyancy. (Most small hovercraft are made from very thin glass fibre that is prone to damage, and hard to repair.
CAD design, CNC robotically manufactured engineering parts, with digital tolerances.
Marine grade stainless steel parts, Marine grade weather proof electrical IP connectors.
Safety features not found on other models, such as anti-plow design, rear fan guards.
Superior segmented, polyurethane coated nylon skirt material 375 - other suppliers fit cheap neoprene coated nylon sensitive to sun UV degradation or Hypalon needing frequent replacement.
Hov Pod fit un-modified engines with full manufacturer's warranty - other suppliers fit cheap underpowered engines, and then update them to invalidate engine manufacturer's warranty.